Making information accessible to the visually impaired

Information - This word is the Alpha and Omega of today's world. Being without information is being at a considerable disadvantage; being not informed of is in fact equal to non-existence. According to various studies we get about 80 per cent of information by means of our eyesight... The visually impaired thus have some 20 per cent that must be divided between hearing and the other senses.

Fortunately, the modern computer technology offers various, more or less available, possibilities of making accessible those kinds of information that would be under normal circumstances inaccessible to the visually impaired. strains in all possible ways to help the visually impaired citizens by making information accessible. Thus, the pieces of information change into a readable digital document (including websites) or into "classic" outputs, i. e. larger text, audio or braille.

There is a certain "barrier" that can also make getting information impossible - and not only to the visually impaired. It is a foreign language. offers the visually impaired the possibility of surmounting the language barrier via translations from/to English and German.

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