Translations to Braille

We might probably in vain search for a human being who has never taken any medication - no matter in what state or in which way of administration. Now please try to imagine: You have to take several sorts of medicaments a day, but you cannot read what is written on each package...

It is very good, therefore, that the packages are supplied with Braille. A visually impaired man or woman is a bit more independent again. This is, of course, determined by his/her knowledge of Braille. But that would be another story...

It is not easy to equip a package with a Braille name - as to the correctness of the transcript. Braille is of course not known to everyone. And there are much less people who are able to verify whether the name of the medicament written in Roman letters is correctly written in Braille.

The members of include both daily users of Braille and experts on this script. Therefore, is able to verify definitely and correctly how the name of the medicament should be written in Braille.

To get more information please write to or call +420 775 376 378.


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