Courses concentrated on the visually impaired

Our trainings and courses are intended partly for common users of electronic compensatory aids for the visually impaired, partly for other groups of citizens and workers that come into contact - directly or indirectly - with these persons, i. e.:

  • trainers teaching how to operate the electronic compensatory aids for the visually impaired (specially for this group, the courses are supplemented with systematic procedures and methodical suggestions),
  • social workers,
  • teachers having visually impaired pupils/students in the classes,
  • office workers,
  • medical staff.

We can send on request more detailed points to those who are interested in our courses. The contents of a particular course can be a bit modified, so that the course might be tailored to the wishes of the ordering party.

1 lesson costs between CZK 100 and 200. Non-profit organizations and schools get a discount on the course when more than 3 (max. 10) persons from the mentioned subject take part in one course.

The trainees are approached individually, so that the less skilled PC users can keep up with the others. The courses are full of practice, demonstrations, examples etc.

You can get more information at or via +420 775 376 378.'s Offer of Courses

Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010

  • MS Word for the Beginners
  • MS Word for the Advanced
  • MS Word - Tips and Tricks
  • MS Excel for the Beginners
  • MS Excel for the Advanced
  • MS Excel - Tips and Tricks
  • MS Outlook for the Beginners
  • MS Outlook for the Advanced
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Access for the Beginners

Creating Web Pages

  • HTML
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
  • PHP and MySQL

Other Courses

  • The most frequent eye disorders
  • Do you write in Czech correctly?

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