About us

The citizens' association Eye-T.cz officially came into existence on 28 May 2010 when the Czech Ministry of the Interior registered the Statutes. The actual birthday of Eye-T.cz falls on 13 June 2010 when the Foundation Meeting took place.

We can celebrate our second birthday at Octobre 26, 2015, when the Regional Court in Hradec Kralove has made all the changess needed in accordance with the new Civil Law. The original citizens' assosiation has officially "transformated" into the registered society.

Eye-T.cz is a relatively new subject, but most of its founders have long-standing practical experience in working with visually impaired persons and expert knowledge in the field of electronic compensatory aids based on ICT used by the visually impaired.

Organization chart

The highest body of the association is the Meeting of Members. The society's activities between the Meetings are directed by the three-member Executive Council, at the head of which is the Chairman (statutory body). The inspecting authority is the Economic Inspector.

When should you turn your attention to us?

The main fields in which we can help you or give you advice can be found in the Main menu (horizontally), to the right of the link "Home".

In this part, we will "identify" with the visitor of our websites and give some concrete examples why he/she should visit our portal.

I am: Go to:
a visually impaired person looking for help; my special compensatory aid based on ICT is not working, Tech-Help / Re-Installations
a visually impaired person interested in ECDL looking for more information, Education / ECDL
a subject providing education to our visually impaired users and I need to school my trainers, Education / Courses
a teacher working in a class with a visually impaired pupil/student; I'd like to learn more about the problems of these people, Education / Courses
a subject in the field of education or hobbies and I'd like my pupils, students or the interested persons to be able to understand better the world of the visually impaired by means of the special aids based on ICT, Education / Public education
a worker in a social department; I have to decide an electronic compensatory aid's acquisition and I'd like to consult my decision, Consulting
a provider of our company's websites or an administrator of my own personal websites and I'd like the websites to be accessible to the visually impaired users, Making accessible / Websites
a visually impaired person needing a certain text to be translated from/into a foreign language, Making accessible / Foreign languages
a subject providing education to the visually impaired; I'd like to have my newly acquired special aids based on ICT installed, or my once acquired ones reinstalled, Tech-Help / Re-Installations
employed in a pharmaceutical society, which according to the law has to equip the packages of its products with Braille, and I am looking for a subject that can verify the requested names of the medicaments, Making accessible / Med. packages
employed in a pharmaceutical society, which according to the law has to make the package information leaflets of its products accessible to the visually impaired, and I am looking for a subject that can give me qualified advice, Making accessible / P. I. L.

... and many more...