Technical help – aids for the visually impaired

How complex it is to choose a particular electronic compensatory aid for the visually impaired, you can read in another section of these websites - in Consulting.

After acquiring a compensatory aid, the visually impaired person cannot avoid technical problems and working difficulties when using it, even if he or she might be as a careful user as possible. There is not much more to talk about: It's just a machine.

Apart from users' computers, the technical problems don't also avoid teaching computers, which are used to teach the visually impaired how to operate the electronic compensatory aids. offers expert installations and reinstallations of these special computer units. Read more in Re-Installations.

But technical help for the visually impaired and, generally, for all that engage in this group of people need not comprise only installations and reinstallations. Results of these doings, such as various advice regarding operating system and applications setups, all kinds of news, snags and ticklers gained in daily practice, can be found in our Download Centre.

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