Public education in the field of visual impairment

The history of mankind is littered with shows of violence and evil. The reason for that is often very simple: one lives in fear of the unknown, one is prejudiced towards a certain group/nationality/ethnic group...

When speaking of visual impairment we needn't at once mention the shows of violence or of other substantially negative emotions. You can often imagine the ordinary human fear of the unknown giving birth not only to the amusing stories, but quite often also to the less amusing incidents, even if unpremeditatedly; all happening when meeting or living together with the group of visually impaired persons.

It is therefore necessary, like in many other areas of our civilization, to make public education and publicity, so that the world of the visually impaired may be no longer so unknown to us, the "normally seeing". How is it possible, for example, that the blind can write e-mails? That they surf the internet? That they can read the SMS?

The members of can answer you these and many other questions by means of an experience workshop or of a presentation, both held in your place (centre, school, classroom, ...). If interested, please use our contacts.


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