Expert installations and reinstallations

There are plenty of computer firms on the Czech market, which are more or less experienced in the field of technical help. But... The electronic compensatory aid, which means a computer equipped with special software for the visually impaired, is NOT just any PC.

In our practice we have quite often met visually impaired clients' relatives and acquaintances, who were presented as IT experts or "dab hands at computers". We don't want to say they weren't. But, unfortunately, their involvement in the client's computer resulted mostly in serious and irreversible damage to the special software, which stopped magnifying, speaking, or "just to be sure" didn't run at all... We must say, to defend these "IT experts", that their destructive activities were not wilful in the overwhelming majority of these cases. The area of these specific aids is really specific.

You can get more information at, or call +420 775 376 378. Please use also these contacts when having trouble with your special aid.


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