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There are four English words behind this abbreviation: European Computer Driving Licence. Generally, ECDL represents standardised tests that are recognized all over the world. Those who pass these tests definitely prove their skills in the following fields:

  1. General theory (terms, computer networks, legislation, ...),
  2. Working with files and directories,
  3. Word processor,
  4. Spreadsheet processor,
  5. Database processor,
  6. Presentation software,
  7. Internet and the electronic communication.

You can read more about the ECDL concept at

Undergoing an ECDL test is still, for a visually impaired Czech citizen, almost inaccessible. Although, the Czech Republic has already several heralds of this kind. Two of's members, Petr Oberreiter and Marek Sikora, are visually impaired ECDL Core holders; the latter has even become the first blind ECDL Tester in the Czech Republic at all. Both of them, together with Jana Irovska, who became an ECDL Tester in 2007, do believe in the ECDL concept for the visually impaired.

For all that, has a clear vision for the future - one day, undergoing an ECDL test while being a visually impaired person will be here as common as e. g. in the neighbouring Austria. Since our first monitorings in this field in February 2008 a lot of time has passed. Nevertheless, now is proud to inform you that it is the first subject in the Czech Republic working at making the ECDL tests accessible to the visually impaired.

In February 2012, has achieved a great goal: A blind applicant from Eastern Bohemia (CZ) has been tested by; he has successfully passed 4 modules, but he also wants to pass the remaining 3 ones to become the first ECDL Core holder in the Czech Republic who has undergone the ECDL tests accessible to the visually impaired citizens.

You cen get more information at or +420 775 376 378. and ECDL for the Visually impaired:

  • has got an accredited ECDL Module 10 tester 24/02/2013
  • as finalist in the 2012 e-Inclusion Awards in Brussels 25/06/2012
  • The 1st blind applicant for the ECDL test accessible to the visually impaired has been tested 16/02/2012
  • The 1st blind ECDL tester has won the international Best Practice Awards 2010 09/08/2011
  • working group's meeting 11/27/2010
  • The first blind Czech becoming an ECDL tester (an article in the Czech mass media) 05/21/2010

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