IT Consulting regarding visual impairment

It is not easy to find a good piece of advice. It is less easy to find a good piece of advice in the field of electronic compensatory aids based on ICT specified for the visually impaired. But if you want to get qualified and professional advice in this field, please consult us - free of charge.

It is quite difficult to choose a electronic compensatory aid having taken into consideration its price, the specific demands of the visually impaired applicant, and the necessity of serving the applicant as well as possible. All this, of course, objectively and impartially. The members of have long-standing experience in this. What does it mean?

  • personal contact with a man or a woman that is quite often in a psychologically difficult situation,
  • knowledge of special software and hardware for the visually impaired,
  • very good knowledge of working on a "common" PC,
  • general knowledge of eye disorders,
  • basic knowledge of legislation concerning the field of the visually impaired and their electronic compensatory aids,
  • ability of finding solutions whose significant solver is the client/applicant,
  • impartiality and objectivity,
  • readiness to call at the client's/applicant's place.

Well, please use our contacts and refer to us; no matter if you are the very applicant, a subject providing services to the visually impaired persons in the field of IT, or a clerk of a social division who is going to decide the contribution to a compensatory aid.

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